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1:1 Coaching with Tom Evans

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£130 per month

What you’ll get

Consultation video call/phone call with Tom Evans to discuss your goals, your reasons for joining us and what you want to achieve with your running. Here we’ll ask everything we need to know about you and you can do the same to start building that relationship with us.

Bespoke training created by Tom Evans to help you reach your running goals whether that’s to complete your first Ultra Marathon or to win a Multi-Stage endurance event.

Online training app compatible with iPhone and Android users so you can carry your training schedule around with you at all times.

Weekly check-in from your Head Coach.

Regular feedback from your team of coaches.

Access to the Team Project Run community, 100+ like-minded individuals which puts the ‘Team’ in Team Project Run. We are a family who win together or learn together.

Depending on your goals, all training plans include the versatility of swimming, running and cycling workouts to suit the individual.

Bespoke strength and conditioning plan created by Tom Evans to help build the athlete needed to conquer the challenges you want to achieve.

Access to discounted rates with our partners.

Access to discounted rates at selected physiotherapists.

Access to physiotherapist support from a qualified professional.

Quarterly athlete review over video/phone call with your coaches to discuss your goals, training analysis, strengths and weaknesses, race planning and how you can progress on your journey.

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