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Ben Bradley

Introducing Ben, coach and professional athlete who brings a wealth of experience, talent, and passion to our team at Team Project Run. Based out of Surrey, Ben has dedicated over 20 years of his life to mastering the art of athletics and has achieved incredible success competing in the 5000m, with a personal best of 13:49, making him one of the top athletes in his field. But his accomplishments as an athlete are just the tip of the iceberg.

Personal Bests







Ben is not only a multiple British 5000m finalist, he is also a true leader in his field, respected and admired by his peers and coaches alike. He has a deep understanding of the importance of a strong coach-athlete relationship and knows how to build trust and communicate effectively with clients. He is dedicated to putting the athlete first and aligns with Team Project Run’s shared values of putting the athlete’s needs and goals at the forefront.

Ben’s expertise lies in coaching athletes training for events ranging from the 5km up to the marathon. With his extensive experience as a professional middle-distance runner and his wealth of knowledge from working with influences from around the world, he has the skillset to help athletes achieve their goals and hit their peak performance making him the perfect coach for athletes looking to excel in middle to long-distance events. Ben takes a personalised approach to coaching, getting to know his clients on a deep level to understand their specific needs and aspirations.

He acts as a guiding force and mentor, providing support and encouragement to help his clients stay motivated and on track as they work towards their goals. He also holds his clients accountable for taking action, helping them to achieve milestones and reach their objectives, always keeping their best interest at the forefront.

Don’t miss this opportunity to work with a true professional like Ben. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards achieving your goals with the guidance and support of a world-class coach.