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Ania Gabb

Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist

ASICS Frontrunner Ania has always loved running since her youth and was brought up to love fitness through Judo and dancing. At the age of 22, she decided to enter her first running race and has been hooked ever since completing her first half marathon in 2008 and a first marathon in 2009.

Ania has gone on to compete in over 26 marathons and nearly 100 half marathons and now runs with her local running club continuing to work on the goals and targets she’s set herself.

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During a gap year, before heading off to university to study English, Ania started working in local gyms and decided to qualify as a Fitness Instructor. Between university studies, she went on to gain her Personal Training Level 3 qualification, as well as a sports massage and nutritionist award.

Over the 20 years of being in the fitness industry, Ania has qualified to teach everything from Les Mills programmes, Combat, HIIT, Aerobics, Yoga, Antigravity Yoga and Pilates.

In 2017, Ania’s mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. With her world collapsing around her, running was what got her through some of the toughest years of her life.

Running was a saviour, even more so when Ania’s best friend passed away of stomach cancer. Trying to avoid falling into a hole of depression she carried on working in fitness, building her PT business and became a competitive runner.

Over the last 3 years, Ania has worked with some amazing companies such as High5 Nutrition, training app EASTNINE, Revvies, Pretty Athletic, Buff and her biggest achievement is becoming an ASICS Frontrunner in early 2020 being welcomed into a whole new running community that she absolutely adores.

Ania is a core member of the running community and embodies what it means to be a part of it. Coming together to share experiences, support other runners and working hard to be the best you can be.