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Aaron Scott

International Marathoner

2:16 marathon man, Aaron, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge as an athlete over the past 15 years of competitive running. Having spent time in the American NCAA collegiate system, and racing over every distance between 1500 and half marathon on the domestic circuit, Aaron moved to the marathon in 2013 and hasn’t looked back.

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Having represented England on numerous occasions on the road, Aaron has worked and trained with some of the best distance athletes and coaches in the world.

Thanks to a background in journalism and an inquisitive nature, he brings a huge bank of knowledge to the team, absorbed from working and listening to athletes and coaches from around the world.

Through hosting a weekly podcast, Inside Jogging Podcast, Aaron continues to regularly talk to the who’s who of distance running, and despite holding firm views on how he thinks is the best way to coach and inspire, is continually open to learning new ideas and training methods.

Aaron still has ambitions to represent GB over the marathon. But, after becoming a Dad for the first time this year his viewpoint on life has shifted. He is now also on a mission to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport with others, inspiring them to be the best they can be and not set any limitations on how far running can take them in life.