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Sign Up – Mile to Marathon with Aaron Scott

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    What to expect

    Complete your sign up

    Complete your membership sign up with Team Project Run by submitting your questionnaire above. We’ll then be in touch to complete your payment and schedule your consultation call with your coaches either over a video call or a telephone call.

    Training diary set up

    You’ll then be set up into our coaching account on Training Peaks where you, your coach and your training will be connected. This is the place where all of your training will be from your easy runs to your workouts, to your gym sessions to your races. You can access this via the free app or on desktop.

    Resources upon resources

    We’ll then email you a whole list of resources from strength and conditioning work, to cross-training sessions to information about REDs and the effects of training so that you are completely prepared for everything and anything.

    Team Project Run Training Manual

    You’ll then be granted access to the Team Project Run Training Manual, an E-book created by our team of coaches who combined have over 50 years of experience and knowledge between them. This is your running bible for members only where we explain everything from what an easy run is to how hard to push in your hill repeats. This is the biggest tool you’ll have from your membership with us. You are expected to read it upon sign up!

    Welcome to Team Project Run!

    You’ll then be introduced to your community of over 100+ like-minded individuals where we’ll share a little bit about you upon entry. Within this community, you have people from all walks of lives with goals that are all different from yours. It’s what puts the ‘team’ in Team Project Run and really gives you that sense of community. All of this is done via WhatsApp where our main source of communication is. You’ll also be welcome to our closed Facebook group where we post regular updates, our Strava Run Club, our race-day cheer squad events and have access to discounts with our partners.

    Communication with your coach

    When you sign up to TPR, you’ll be assigned a point of contact with one of our coaches and the level of communication is as much as you need. Being a part of this team and receiving our expert coaching isn’t a one size fits all plan. Every runner has different needs and we have a team in place to cater for those needs. We pride ourselves on the athlete to coach relationship and our team of coaches is always on hand to help.

    Constant support

    On top of continued support on an individual basis from your coach discussing your progress, any queries you have and everything in between. You’ll also receive constant check-ins from Founder of TPR Lloyd Kempson for anything team-related whether that’s a competition we have live, any events upcoming, fundraisers or team events in-house that we have planned to benefit you and your membership.

    Running data and Training Peaks

    We have runners in our team that love data, from pace to elevation to heart rate. All of our coaches have a different attitude and ethos when it comes to data but one we can agree on is that if our athlete is comfortable then we are comfortable. With Training Peaks and your TPR membership, you can sync your GPS watch to your TP account so that we can not only analyse your training in more detail but so can you!

    Training Peaks

    Training Peaks is the ultimate application for you to stay on track. Using a colour-coded workout system which shows exactly how to complete each planned training day set by your team of coaches. You can easily analyse workouts using the analytical tools to help break down the data into easier metrics giving you valuable insight into your training. This is the tool that we use to add structure and accountability to your training.