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Charlie Hulson

As a 1:1 coach, Charlie is committed to helping clients achieve their running goals while balancing the demands of their daily lives. He works closely with clients to understand their individual strengths and challenges, and create a personalised coaching plan that takes into account their lifestyle, constraints and responsibilities. Charlie provides guidance and support throughout the coaching process, and holds clients accountable for taking action and making progress towards their goals. With Charlie’s understanding of the importance of balancing training and lifestyle, he is the perfect coach to help clients reach their full potential.

If you are interested in working with Charlie as your 1:1 coach, please contact us to schedule a consultation. We are confident that with his experience, expertise and understanding of balancing training and lifestyle, you will be able to achieve your goals and take your running to the next level.

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We are thrilled to welcome Charlie Hulson to our team as a coach. With his extensive experience as a professional athlete and coach, Charlie brings a unique perspective to coaching that aligns with our values. Charlie understands the importance of balancing training and a busy lifestyle, as he has experienced working full-time at his family bakery while competing professionally. These experiences make him the ideal coach for athletes who need to balance their training with other demands in their lives whilst still wanting to reach their full potential.

Charlie is a British senior professional marathon runner and a proud club member of Liverpool Harriers and Athletic Club, where he represented Great Britain at the 2015 IAAF World Cross Country Championships and at the European Cross Country Championships on four occasions (2012, 2013, 2014 and 2018). He has 20 years of experience as an athlete and [?] years of experience as a professional athlete. He brings a fresh perspective to coaching, having experienced the discipline, determination, and mental resilience required to excel at the highest level in athletics. He has competed in various competitions and achieved great success such as personal best marathon time of 2:13:34 recorded at the Virgin Money London Elite Marathon on 4th October 2020 where he finished 20th overall, and fifth placed British runner.

He was also a member of Sale Harriers and Deeside Athletics and before focusing on competing in marathons, he is noted to have won the 2015 England National Cross Country Championship and placed 17th in the European Cross Country Championships in 2019. Additionally, the Liverpool Harrier was also considered dominant on tarmac 2018 and 2019, winning 10k races at Telford, Cardiff, Wrexham and Chester along with posting the fastest leg at the Northern 6 Stage Relays. He later secured the 2019 Welsh half marathon record in Cardiff.

Charlie specialises in coaching athletes in the 5km, 10km, half marathon and the marathon. He has a proven track record of helping individuals within that realm achieve their goals and reach their full potential.