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Have a question about our coaching service? Aren’t sure whether online coaching is for you? Drop us a message and one of our team will do our best to get back to you within 48 hours.

    Frequently asked questions

    Is there an app for TP?

    Yep, completely free from the App Store where you can download it here for iPhone users and here for Android users.

    How do I cancel my membership

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    All of the cancellation terms are in the athlete contract that you receive before sign up. You can also email us at or contact your coach directly.

    Any other questions? We’re always happy to help Email us here –

    What type of payments do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards and your transaction will be processed as GBP currency.

    How do I meet my coach in person?

    Due to Covid-19, we are very limited to how we can provide in-person coaching. We also have had to postpone all of our events for 2020. In 2021, we will have more information on how you can meet your coach, the rest of your community and many more events that we have planned.

    You mentioned a contract, am I tied in?

    Our minimum length of membership is three months. We find that this gives us as coaches enough time with you, the athlete long enough to show you some progression. Running is something that doesn’t show improvement overnight so we want you to keep you on board with us as long as possible to show you your potential. After that time, you can move on and rejoin as you wish as per the terms which are outlined on your sign up.

    If I’m not satisfied with my coaching or my membership, can I get a refund?

    In the very rare circumstances that you aren’t happy with your time at TPR, within the first 14 days of membership you can receive a full refund. Within your athlete contract, all of the terms and conditions will be outlined so you fully understand your rights when you join our team.

    I’m a running coach, can I apply to join the coaching team?

    For sure, we’re always on the lookout for new coaches that match our passion for the running community. Please email us at

    Who does my coaching come from?

    Our coaching is provided by all of our coaching team, we commit to our athletes together and provide not only the physical activity but also the support we would expect ourselves. Our standards are very high with the service we provide so we want you to be able to trust in us as much as we trust in you to work hard.

    I live outside of the UK, can I still be a part of the team and receive coaching?

    100% yes. We’ve had members from over 10 different countries on our team over the past three years. We see ourselves as a Worldwide Running Community that isn’t limited by borders. If you want to be part of a running family, want to receive world-class coaching and support and want to improve your running, we are the team for you.

    Do you offer a consultation call when I want to sign up?

    Yes! We love our consultations calls with our runners because that’s when we get to learn the most about you in the initial stages of your journey with us. We offer online video calls through the Zoom app or telephone calls, depending on your preference. On these calls you’ll have an in-depth conversation with your coach, you may even have more than one coach on the call at one time so we can truly get to know you. Here you’ll discuss everything from your goals to your reasons for joining TPR, to any queries you have plus, we get to ask you all the questions we want to know the answers too!

    Can I sync my GPS watch to my Training Peaks account?

    Absolutely, within TP there is an in-depth help service that will guide you through all of the steps for this and much more. A lot of our current athletes love their data and being able to track their progress so we’re totally on board with it!

    How do I access Training Peaks?

    After signing up to Team Project Run and being assigned your points of contact with your coach, you’ll receive all of the login details which will automatically assign you to your coaches coaching account. Here you’ll receive all of your training, any updates and amendments made by your coach plus anything else that needs to be in your training schedule.

    How do I receive and view my training?

    We use a training application called Training Peaks which is one of the leading online training software platforms. As an online training calendar where all of your daily activity is synced into, this gives you the ability to carry your training schedule around with you all day, every day. With TP being accessible via desktop and a free app suitable for iPhone and Android, it really is the most interactive software for runners out there. Through the app or the website, you can log your daily training manually with feedback for your coach, or you can sync your sports watch and import your data so our coaches can analyse your training more closely. Through the feedback tool in TP you can communicate on every run, workout, gym session, race or rest day with how you’re feeling and how it went so that when your personal coach reviews your training they get a true understanding of how it’s going.